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Comments on Tours & Costa Rica Travel Experiences

We want to know how was your experience in Costa Rica, and with your tour. Please let us know everything about the trip, the guide(s), Selva Mar staff, food among others. We'll appreciate your time. Thank you!

, Barbados

We could not have imagined how amazing this trek would be before we started. From the fresh trout (Rodolfo`s great cooking) to the quetzal`s that you showed us on the last day, this will be a trip we will always remember.a+ exams

Leigs Sirridge


Muchas Gracias! This trip was one of the hardest of my life, but was only possible with sych wonderful gudies (Julian and Rodolfo). The couragement was much appreciated and it was a truly amazing experience.
PS Thanks for helping me with my español, adios, Leigs.

Lynn Little
U.S.A, U.S.A


Thanks for taking us up taking such good care of us. You definitely made the experiencie better!!!

You guys are awesome!!!
Thanks Selva Mar.

Callon Nichols
7/23/01, USA


Julian and Rodolfo,

I had such a great time. I hve been to Italy, Canada, St Vincent, England, China and all over America, the trip with you was awesome. I had a great time!

Julie Sinsberg
2001, N/A

Julian and Rodolfo
Gracias, I really appreciated you guys giving your time to help us climb Chirripo. I had a great experience in the past few days, and you guys made it so much better. Thanks for all the great food and hot chocolate too!!
Love, Julie Sinsberg.
P.D Julian, I like your name!!

Lisa Hayes
2001, U.S.A

Thanks a lot for all the good times! Your smiles kept me going on the trail and your food kept me energized all day long. I`ll never forget the beavis and Butthead impersonations!!
Thanks again.
much love Lisa Hayes

Yolly & Jerry
2001, N/A

To our wonderful guides Rodolfo and Hillbert
We could not have imagined how amazing this trek would be before we started. From the fresh trout (Rodolfo`s great cooking) to the quetzal`s that you showed us on the last day, this will be a trip we will always remember.
"Yolki Polki" Yolly and Jerry

Jacoby Johnson
Calgary Alberta, Canada

Thank you for making our trip to Costa Rica incredible. Our time with you in Chirripo was amazing.

Jesus y Crishue
Barcelona, Espana

1 Mayo-2003
Desde qur tuvimos la idea de venir a Costa Rica y descubrimos que existia un tal "Cerro Chirripo" de 3820 m, nos lo marcamos como objetivo y la verdad es que no nos ha decepcionado. Ha sido todo maravilloso, desde el paisaje, el trato humano a las exquisiteses culinarias y todo en general.
Ademas de destacar de forma especial a Julian, nuestro guia y compañero de fatigas, quien con sus explicaciones sobre la fauna y la flora nos ha hecho comprender mejor la riqueza de este pais.
Hasta siempre y muchas gracias por todo.
Jesus y Crishue

Te esperamos en los Pirineos!!!

Olga y Jonathan
Principado de Andorra, Andorra


A sido fantastica la subida hasta el Cerro Chirripo, muy buena experiencia por sus vistas a los 2 oceanos.
Guardaremos muy buenos recuerdos de estos 3 dias, de la vegetacion, la fauna, el paisaje y de toda la buena gente que encontramos de camino, especialmente Fabio !!

Un beso de los andorranos.

Morgan Batt
Australia, Australia

I give thanks to God for such beauty of the mountain + of my guide Rodolfo. The views + the trek was excellent. The park is very well kept + looked after. I will tell all my trekers friends to come + also to use the company Selva Mar.

Priest Morgan Batt

Manami Koshida
Japan, Japan

At first time Costa Rica!!

Mt Chirripo is higher than most hign mountain in Japan, but there is no snow.
The day I climbed up the Mt Chirripo, it is full moon day !!!

I can see the full moon the west side and I can see the sunrise the east side ! How amazing !!!
It`s beautifull day, thank you


Bruce Hudson
., USA


The trip was GREAT!!! Rodolfo is the best guide, cook and adviser !!!
The food was EXTRAORDINARY and the scenary even BETTER. We had no rain during the rainy season. The other hikes we met were stones in themselves. This country is a gem, the people and scenary!!!

Bruce Hudson

Melinda storer
, Afghanistan

Excellent! Thanks for all the advice folks. I was quite undecided about Corcovado - Ive heard lots of good things about it and I dont mind spending a little more for one thing if it is well worth it, but there are so many new names of places in costa rica I read everytime Im on this forum its hard to choose where is most suitable for me! I will look into some of the above options. Will be coming to Costa Rica on the Tica Bus from Tegucigalpa, so will see what fits my schedule best. Thanks a lot! ----------------------------- Melinda storer "dofollow">queen victoria market

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