Agroforestal La Tarde  - Ocean View in Peninsula de Osa,  South Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-


Agroforestal La Tarde - Ocean View in Peninsula de Osa, South Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-

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Agroforestal La Tarde
Agroforestal La Tarde

Agroforestal La Tarde

General Information about Agroforestal La Tarde

Agroforestal la Tarde is located in La Palma of Puerto Jiménez, Quebrada La Tarde, Golfito.

This property has a butterfly garden, surrounded by primary forest of huge and imposing trees. In this jungle, we can find precious tropical woods, trails, reforested areas and agricultural fields. One advantage we have is to be located close to one of the official entrances to Corcovado Nationa Park. This project started with a farm in Guácimo of Limón, which was sold, and the resources were used to buy the current property at La Tarde. The purpose has always been to work on tourism. Nowadays, the project counts with a butterfly garden, trails, an organic cocoa plantation, and a reforestation programme.

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Services: This initaitive aims mainly on rural tourism and activities related to cultural aspects.


Agroforestal La Tarde Tour. Agroforestal La Tarde offers  a one day tour that includes the butterfly garden, the organic cocoa plantation, natural reforestation as well as the trail through the forest.


Visit to the Butterfly Garden. During this tour, the visitor can observe different butterflies such as the Morpho (Morpho peleides) which is the most attactive. Your guide will show you the complete life cycle of the insect, the eggs layed, the Caterpillar, and the process of metamorphosis. The visitor has the opportunity to observe the insect in a relatively free space.


Organic Cocoa Plantation and Natural Reforestation. In this secction of the farm, the visitor has the opportunity to see an organic cocoa plantation, starting with the nursery phace of the plant, all the way to croping the fruit. In addition, we will visit the natural reforestation project with precious tropical rainforest woods.


Hike in the forest. Along the trail, different species of trees can be observed including trees of huge proportions such as Zapatero o Pilón (Hieronyma oblonga), Ceibo (Pseudobombax septenatum) y Espavel (Anacardium excelsum), and smaller but very important species for the balance of the ecosystem of the rainforest.

The Tour at Agroforestal La Tarde can be completed in 3 hours. A snack can be provided upon request.

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