Tiskita Lodge - Ocean View in Golfito / Golfo Dulce,  South Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-


Tiskita Lodge - Ocean View in Golfito / Golfo Dulce, South Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-

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Tiskita Lodge
Tiskita Lodge

Tiskita Lodge

A great lodge in the rain forest for those who wish to enjoy nature in confort !!!

General Information about Tiskita Lodge


Tiskita Jungle Lodge and biological reserve is one of the original ecolodges in Costa Rica having been around for almost 20 years. This family-run business, owned and managed by Peter Aspinall and his wife Lisbeth, started in 1978. Peter built himself a home while reforesting large sections of cleared land with native tree species and fruit trees he collected from around the world. In this fashion, the natural habitat has been restored and Tiskita is now home to a vast range of animal and plant species, including a collection of over 125 species of tropical fruit.


The cabins in Tiskita are set amidst the rich forests and fruiting trees, while being distant from each other. Peter built them using precious woods: mahogany, purpleheart and rosewood, from trees that have fallen on the property. Each has screened windows to allow in the cool ocean breeze and hot showers for your comfort. Cabins also have hammocks on their porches with sweeping panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Osa Peninsula.

Families are accomodated in our wooden cabins with multiple rooms, so mom and dad can sleep separately, yet next door to the kids. Couples can stay in our single room cabins, allowing for more private lodging.


Between each cabin are a variety of flowering plants and fruit trees that attract wildlife including monkeys, birds and butterflies. Lying in the hammock of your cabin can be one of the best places to observe wildlife!


Meals at Tiskita are prepared by local cooks who are well acquainted with traditional Costa Rican dishes, while using the low amounts of both salt and oil. Fresh produce is bought from local farmers and twice a week from a vegetable truck that passes by the lodge. Locally raised beef and poultry, and of course, fish fresh from the nearby Pacific Ocean are also staples in the meals. Vegetarian diets are easily accommodated.

Food quote

A unique feature Tiskita offers at meals is the wide range of unique tropical fruit juices from our organic tropical fruit collection.

In addition to these juices, hot coffee and tea are available all day, free of charge. As well, our chlorine-free drinking water is taken from a local spring stream and filtered.


Weather Conditions

An 'Endless Summer' best describes the climate at Tiskita, an equatorial climate with little seasonal variation.

Typical of the southern coastal lowlands in Costa Rica, average temperature are around 82 ºF (28 ºC) during the day and 68 °F (20 ºC) at night. There is little variation in temperature through the year.

Tiskita receives an average of 108 inches to 156 inches (three to four thousand millimeters) of rain per year. January through April is sunny and dry. There are afternoon showers May through August, while there are heavy rains in September and October, when the lodge is closed. What to Bring

Tiskita Jungle Lodge is a remote tropical retreat with no televisions or telephones (we maintain constant radio contact with our San José offices in case of emergency). Soft adventure travel in Costa Rica is different than most other forms of tourism and a little foresight and planning will make your trip much more enjoyable.

Here is a list of items we recommend you bring:

* Binoculars (there are hundreds of bird species at Tiskita)
* Flashlight
* Camera and plenty of film or memory card space (bring different ASAs for the large variation in light intensity)
* Lightweight rain gear
* Hiking shoes/boots
* Bathing suit
* Lightweight clothing for warm weather and a lightweight sweatshirt/sweater or windbreaker
* Any necessary personal medications
* Insect repellent (mosquitoes are rarely found or felt)
* Sunscreen
* Sun hat
* A small day pack for hikes
* Watertight Plastic bags for your gear

How to get there to Tiskita Lodge


Tiskita is located at the end of the road (literally), in the remote southwest corner of Costa Rica, just north of Panama.

Travelling by plane is the most common and popular way to get to Tiskita. It is a 45 minute flight on a larger plane from San José to Golfito. A smaller charter plane then takes 10 minutes from Golfito, flying over the Golfo Dulce onto our private airstrip carved out of the jungle.
Round-trip transportation is included in most packages to Tiskita. A direct flight to Tiskita by charter plane can also be made, at an additional cost and subject to availability.

Please note: There is a 25 pound weight limit on all luggage. Extra luggage can be stored at your hotel.

Driving to Tiskita is another travel option. The trip from San José passes through some of the most scenic regions in the country, including the beautiful southern Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio National Park, oil palm and pineapple plantations. This map outlines directions for driving. For more detailed directions, please inquire when booking.

Tiskita is also accessible by bus. A daily service runs from San José to Golfito, then from Golfito, there is another daily bus to nearby Pavones, or a taxi can be employed.


Rates at Tiskita Lodge


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