Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge - Ocean View in Monteverde Cloudforest,  North Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-


Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge - Ocean View in Monteverde Cloudforest, North Pacific, Costa Rica - Exploring Costa Rica-

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge
Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge

Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge

Come and enjoy a quite and comforting time in our bungalow-style bedrooms. All rooms offer private bath, amenities, hot water and a patio where you can appreciate the tranquil beauty of our surrounding gardens and forest. We also have rooms for handicap.

General Information about Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge


The Cloud Forest Lodge of Monteverde can be found in the Tilaran mountain range in the province of Puntarenas just four hours from San Jose. This tremendous ecotourism destination encompasses both the world renowned Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve. Because of its high elevation the area lends itself to rich biodiversity and lush green jungles due to its wetter climate.


Monteverde, actually encompasses three distinct areas; Monteverde which is technically the last 3.5 km before the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Cerro Plano is in the middle, and finally the town center of Santa Elena. A “famous” unpaved dirt road connects all of these areas and if nothing else you’ll be sure to remember the roads. In Santa Elena you can find gift stores, tour offices, a supermarket, bank, a pharmacy, a church, bus station, post office and an abundance of dining options.


The Cloud Forest Lodge offers bungalow style rooms all equipped with hot water, single or double beds, furnishings and private terrace. The hotel is designed to provide comfort and relaxation so they’ve provided a restaurant with a selection of delicious typical dishes as well as a bar where you can enjoy a glass of wine while viewing the majestic forest and the gulf of Nicoya.


The hotel rests on seventy acres of private property with five km of private trails for hiking, birdwatching, or marveling at the sights. Off grounds you can tour the majestic national parks or visit gift stores and galleries. There are also a number of specialty tours worth doing such as the ranarium, butterfly garden, and world of insects and much more. It’s truly a world of wonder here.


Cloud Forest Lodge Facilities
Restaurant, bar, reading /lounge area, five km of private trails, Internet

Single or double beds, private terrace, hot water, furniture.


Background History on Monteverde

Monteverde, Costa Rica has captured world-wide attention of biologists, conservationists, and the nature-oriented public. The diverse habitats, organisms, and interactions in primary and human-affected landscapes of the Monteverde area have been investigated for over 30 years. Monteverde is located along the continental divide in north central Costa Rica. Famous for its rich biodiversity and cloud forest, Monteverde is a popular location for both biologists and tourists.
Monteverde was first inhabited in the 1930's by Costa Ricans colonist who were trying to make a living by logging and farming, claiming undeveloped land quite similar the the early far west times. In 1949, 4 pacifist Quakers from Alabama were jailed for refusing the Korean War draft. After getting out of jail along with their community of Friend's (the other name for their Christian religious group) they searched for a country where they could live in peace. Costa Rica attracted them because it does not have an army and the Monteverde area was interesting because it was so green, underdeveloped & the cool climate was perfect for dairy farming

The Quakers founded the Cheese Factory, the Friends School and in an attempt to protect the areas watershed purchased much of the land that now makes up the Monteverde Reserve. The Quakers have played a major role in the development of the community and this is one of the things that make Monteverde a special place.
In the last 50 years Monteverde has grown into a popular destination for tourists. With the increase in visitors things have begun to change and many people are wondering what is in store. In 2001 Monteverde received some million tourists. Some projections believe we will receive twice that many by the year 2010. In Monteverde Costa Rica rainforest you can find more than 100 species of mammals including 5 species of feline, over 400 species of birds including 30 kinds of hummingbirds, tens of thousands of insect species (over 5000 species of moths) and 2,500 species of plants (420 kinds of orchids). The area is acclaimed as one of the most outstanding wildlife refuges in Central America

While Monteverde is technically the last 3.5 kilometers of the road before the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, people often refer to the whole area as Monteverde while in fact there are 3 separate if somewhat vaguely divided “villages”: Monteverde, Cerro Plano and Santa Elena.

The main commercial center is Santa Elena. There you will find the bank, supermarket, post, clinic and police. Cerro Plano is a plateau situated on the road between Monteverde and Santa Elena. Cerro Plano is home to the Ecological Farm and Butterfly Garden. After Cerro Plano is Monteverde where you will find Stella’s Bakery and the Quaker meeting house and school. Monteverde is mostly made up of a few large hotels and private homes. The road stops at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.
If visiting Monteverde, Cloud Forest Lodge is the perfect place to stay and enjoy the wonders of this beautiful place!
Delight yourself with a delicious and carefully prepared selection of Costarican-style dishes from our restaurant. Cloud Forest Lodge dedicates special attention to offering a delightful variety of beefs, chicken, fish, salads, soups, desserts and cocktails.

The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks if you want to grab a bite during the day. Make sure you get a taste of our home made Granola and Bread.
Our bar offers an excellent variety of national and foreigners drinks. Looking for a special drink? we’ll be glad to prepare your favorite cocktail. Sit and relax while enjoying a majestic view of the Forest, the gulf of Nicoya at sunset or simply admire the beauty of the humming birds.


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Rates at Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Lodge, Costa Rica Lodging


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