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Surf Trips in Costa Rica


Finding the best time and ideal place for an ultímate surf adventure in Costa Rica is easy to do.


 All you need is a brief outline of the different surf spots, a good idea of how to get there and when conditions are peak.


Costa Rica’s climatic and geographical variations can be divided into four different surf regions: the Atlantic or Caribbean, the North Pacific, the Central Pacific, and the South Pacific.


The Caribbean coastline has a defined surf season from January to March and July to October. Strong storms in the Caribbean often send short but extremely powerful swells, crashing onto world class breaks.


The North Pacific generally has good quality surf year round. The consistent northeasterly “Papagayo” winds during December through March and the Northern Hemisphere storms create ideal waves.


The Central Pacific is an exposed stretch of coast line regarded by many surfers as one of the most consistent areas. Quick and easy access from the Juan Santamaría International Airport, and a wide variety of restaurants, accommodations and entertainment for surfers make it an ideal place to start off a “Tico Surf Adventure”.


The South Pacific has a wide range of waves to choose from. Some of the best known spots like the point break at pavones require a south swell, characteristic of the winter months in the Southern Hemisphere (July – November).


Costa Rica’s diversity and tremendous variety of surf spots make it possible to surf excellent waves all year long. The short travel distances and different regions provide traveling surfers with the possibility not only to experience magic and adventure while visiting interesting and unique parts of the country, but to score a variety of world class point breaks, reefs and beach breaks. Best of all, you can surf in warm water all year round.


Costa Rica experiences semi-diurnal tidal differences. Extreme tidal variations on the Pacific coastline often affect certain breaks. But, the long, irregular coastline always guarantees quality waves for hard core surfers willing to explore.


Stop in at any local surf shop or befriend a local to learn about the best conditions for the different breaks. With so many different beaches and locations to choose from, Costa Rica is the ideal place for an unforgettable surf trip.


Grab your stick, wax up and read up our favorite packages to enjoy the waves of Costa Rica.


Featured  Surf Trips in Costa Rica

Surf Trip: Pavones/Matapalo

Surf Trip: Pavones/Matapalo
Edge Of The World: Pavones/Matapalo

Been to Costa Rica before? Looking for a more 'remote' excusion than Hermosa or Jaco? Then journey to the savage south for a remote surfing experience.

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