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What do I need to bring for my trek?

Chirripó Trek and Urán Trek both take place in Chirripó National Park. Due to the climate conditions of the area, it is very important to bring good raingear, a hat and sunscreen to prevent sunburns from the high radiation, flashlight with extra batteries, and any personal medicine. A fleece coat and hat are basic, the temperature might drop at night to -5 C (23 F), also pack your sleeping bag. Sunglasses with UV protection are defenitely important.

Regarding your hiking shoes it is better to wear waterproof shoes, mainly during the rainy season, although rainshowers can also be present during the dry season. It is important to mention that the park has a very well developed and maintained system of trails. Some sections of the trail for the Uran Trek are wet most of the year, so good waterproof shoes are strongley recommended for this trek, gaiters will be helpful if trail is muddy. You will also need an extra pair of light shoes or sandals for resting time.

Don´t forget your energy food, power bars and any special candy that you particulary like during your treks.

Hiking poles are recommended to prevent knee injuries, they are really helpful when hiking down the mountains, and even going up relieve a lot of work from your legs. Water bottles or hydration bladder, probably this last one the more comfortable so that you don´t have to put your pack down to get your bottle out.

In the case of the Tapir Path Trek we as well strongly recommend hiking poles, waterproof hiking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or resting shoes, and raingear. A fleece coat as you will be in the Tropical Cloud Forest and Paramo.

The Corcovado Treks: "Above the Jungle and Rainforest Trek" take place in Lowland Rainforest. Raingear and good hiking shoes are important. Waterproof shoes are always recommended, for the rainy conditions and for crossing creeks. Gaiters are strongly recommended in the lowlands, they will provide extra protection against bugs and snakes. Sunglasses and sunscreen are very important.

A good pair of binoculars is good to have as wildlife is intense in these areas, and you will appreciate taking a closer look.

In any trek you choose to do with us, we will store your extra luggage, and have it ready for you in the last location where the trek ends.

We will be going over all the details for the trek you are planning to take.


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