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How should I pack?

This is a very important question and we should answer it in four sections, one answer for those who will take the Chirripó Treks, one for those taking the Urán Trek, one for hikers taking the Tapanti Tapir Path Trek, finally one for those who will enjoy the treks to Corcovado.

For Chirripó Trek: Short and Classic remember, we will include porter service to send your heavy luggage up to Crestones Base Lodge and down as well (9 kg / 20 lbs max). In this case you will only need to carry a day pack with your camera or binoculars, sunscreen, raingear, and a fleece coat in case it gets cold when we get to the highlands. The rest of your luggage must be packed separately, it shouldn´t exceed 7 kg (15 lbs) per person. All the stuff you pack should be in plastic bags, in case it rains. Please note you will not see your luggage until you arrive to the Crestones Base Lodge, same situation on the way down.

For those taking the Uran Trek, each person will carry their own gear, meaning sleeping bags, clothes, energy food, personal medicines, etc., and always pack everything in plastic bags inside your backpack. Our guides will take care of all the cooking equipment, food, tents, etc.

When taking the Tapir Path Trek you will need to carry your gear, clothes, etc. Pack everything in plastic bags to keep it dry.

For Corcovado Treks is as well advice to pack all luggage inside plastic bags inside your pack. When accessing Corcovado by air with the "Above the Jungle" package the maximun luggage weight per person is 11.5 Kg (25 lbs). Luggage shouldn´t be heavier if you are accessing by land in the "Rainforest Trek" as hikes to reach Sirena Station and leaving it are long, packing light is quite important to enjoy your journey through the jungle.

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